Kitchen Planning - 10 Things You Should Know.

Kitchen Planning - 10 Things You Should Know.

Kitchen Planning - So you are planning on having a new fitted kitchen installed in your home. Excitement is building and you feel you are ready now to take the first steps into deciding the style of kitchen that you want and setting dates for when the kitchen should be installed. It should all go so swimmingly smooth for you that you have not thought about the things that need to be considered, although they may not seem to be part of the overall project. So why not take a couple of minutes to read this post and it might just save you a lot of stress when you finally decide to go ahead with your new fitted kitchen.

This post is not written to put you off getting a new kitchen, far from it. Our job at is to sell kitchens, lots of them. The reason we are writing this post is just to try and help people who want to buy a new fitted kitchen understand what they should be considering when their thoughts turn to kitchen re-modelling. The simple thing is that the MORE you think about the the things involved the more prepared you are and this in turn will reduce the stress levels for everybody.

So what we are going to do in this post is to outline 10 simple things that you should consider when you decide you want a new kitchen. Some of these ten things you will not even consider because you probably didn't know that you needed to think about them. So without further ado we will start off and give you some things to think about.

1. Budget €€€€€€€!

This is probably the most important part of your kitchen planning. WHY I hear you ask. Well for the following reasons. Your budget for your new fitted kitchen should be broken down into 4 different elements because these jobs entail more than just kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors and kitchen worktops. So you should break your kitchen project down similar to this below:

  • Kitchen Cabinetry, Doors, Worktops, Handles, Sink and Taps
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Other Works - Electrical, Plumbing, Tiling, Plastering, Removal of Old Kitchen, Removal of all Rubbish, etc.

So with these four elements above we have the bones of a plan that we can now start to work with. At this point in time I would like to point out that we still have not mentioned a figure for your new kitchen yet. But we will get to that in just a minute. What we see here with these four elements are four things that are so commonly connected when it comes to having a new kitchen installed that they cannot be ignored. You need to be realistic about what your budget is going to be for your kitchen works. So we will use the four elements above to create the other 9 points that you should consider when deciding to buy a new fitted kitchen. Some of them you might be in a position to get family and friends to help out with and others well you just cannot get ahead without including them. So for the sake of this post we are going to assume that you need all the elements for your new kitchen and you want a stress free change over from the old kitchen to the newly refurbished kitchen.

2. Kitchen Cabinetry

A budget to buy a decent entry level kitchen in Dublin, Ireland these days would be somewhere in the region of around €4,500 - €5,500 depending on the quality of the kitchen materials you require. You can check out this page if you feel you have the DIY know how to do your own kitchen, click here. This type of kitchen would be for a standard 3 bedroom semi detached house in Dublin. This will include for about 14 Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Doors, Soft Closing Hinges, Soft Closing Drawers (1 Set of 3), a laminated counter top and some T-Bar Handles. And if you are getting a good deal you might get a stainless steel sink and single lever mixer tap. This kitchen will be supplied as pre-assembled kitchen cabinets with all the drawers installed in the cabinet and the doors ready for hanging but not hung. This also assumes that the delivery is within a 5 mile radius of where and who you are buying from. So at this point I would like to set a figure between our two estimated figures above and we shall say this will cost €5,000.

Cabinetry Costs: €5,000

3. Kitchen Installation

Now that you have your budget for the new kitchen cabinetry all we need now is for a good qualified kitchen fitter to install all the kitchen cabinetry and worktops for us. At this point in time kitchen fitters are thin on the ground. And good kitchen fitters are even thinner. Demand for their services are high. And if there is one thing I would like to point out to you is this - "A badly installed kitchen will never be right, not matter what" so be sure that you find a good kitchen fitter.

How do I do that you might ask.

Well you need to do your due dilligence. Search the internet, ask friends and family if they know of somebody who is good. You can also check out our list of trusted professional kitchen fitters here. Now you might have whittled down your search to 2 or 3 candidates who are under consideration to fit your kitchen for you. So before you go any further you need to get a price and a couple of phone numbers from previous customers who you can ring and verify the quality of the work that the kitchen fitter has done for them. This is a great way of finding out who is good and who is not. As you know WORD OF MOUTH is the best advertising people can get.

Kitchenfitters in Dublin can charge anything from €700 up to €1200 to install a kitchen. That is for the installation of the kitchen into a prepared blank canvas space. A kitchen of this size should take about 2 days. If there are delays due to poor preparation, delays in disconnections, parts of old kitchen still in place then you can expect to pay more as these men will have to make call backs etc. So be warned, have it all ready and all the necessary materials on site so that the job can be done quickly and efficiently. So lets say we will put the kitchen fitting charge in a €950 for a 14 Cabinet kitchen. This does not include for mitres in worktops and bolting kitchen worktops together. You can add another €250 for that.

Kitchen Install €950.00

4. Kitchen Appliances

If you require kitchen appliances then this is another expense. So lets say you require a full compliment of kitchen appliances from a reasonable brand. We will use Belling as our model for this exercise. So here is the list of kitchen appliances you might want and the estimated cost:

  • American Fridge Freezer - €900
  • Double Electric Oven - €600
  • 5 Ring Ceramic Induction Hob - €450
  • 60cm Integrated Dishwasher - €400
  • 60cm Integrated Wasing Machine - €500
  • Integrated Microwave Oven - €299.00
  • Extractor Fan Curved Glass and Stainless Steel Chimney Type - €249.99

Based on the fact that our imaginary customer for a new fitted kitchen wants all the above the cost is going to be somewhere around €3600 for kitchen appliances. So if we are all in agreement then we will add in €3600 for the kitchen appliances. And remember YOU MUST register the kitchen appliances for the warranty, this nowadays is generally done online via a computer or your phone. And another note always ask for the number for the service department just in case you need to get any of the appiances tended to in the first 12 months that you have them.

Kitchen Appliances €3600

5. Quartz Kitchen Worktops

You also might want to upgrade from a laminated counter top to a nice quartz countertop. Well nowadays quartz is quite affordable for most people and from personal experience I would highly recommend it, if your budget stretchens that far. Easy to clean and take care of. You can also add in lovely quartz extras like upstands, backsplash behind your hob and a lovely window sill to finish the job off nicely. So what will it cost. Well an entry level group 1 Mason Quartz counter top will set you back about €300 per linear metre, 1 metre long, 600mm deep with a pencil edge, drainer flutes, cut out for hob and cut out for sink. Now for those who do not understand LINEAR this means a metre in one straight line. So even if your kitchen is an L-SHAPE just measure the two lengths of counter you need and put them together. This will give you the full meterage. So now we need to add in the difference between laminated counter tops and quartz counter tops. Well lets say we have 6 metres of kitchen worktop surface. In laminate you will need 2 X 3600mm X 600mm lengths. This could cost you around €390.00 + vat. Then if you go for a Group 1 Crystal White Quartz Counter top supplied and fitted. The cost to you would be around €1800 + vat. So the difference between Laminated counter tops and Quartz will be around €1400. You could also budget for a backsplash for around €450.00 and a Window Sill for around €250.00 in quartz. So in goes our estimate for quartz counter tops, without the window sill and the back splash.

Quartz Counter Tops Extra Cost: €1400

So up to now we have covered a bit of work when it comes to your new fitted kitchen. Lets just add up what we have spent so far for our entry level kitchen with a full compliment of appliances and a nice quartz counter top, including installation of kitchen cabinetry and quartz worktops. So what we have spent so far is: €10,950.00 - Now lets move on to the other works involved in your new fitted kitchen works.

6. Removal of Old Kitchen and Decor

So we need to remove the old kitchen, wall tiles and Flooring. Other things that are included when this is being done is maybe some floor preparation. This could mean levelling the floor for the new floor to go on. For instance if you are considering putting down floor tiles on a floor that is raised and is joist and floor boards, then this floor has to be prepped so that the new tiles can be laid and prevented from cracking or lifting after a period fo time. This could take an experienced man a full day to have this area prepped. You may also have to repair the walls where you have taken off wall tiles. This may need serious repair in some cases where you need to replace damaged plaster boards or you might have to bond and skim the wall for the future wall covering. This is a discussion that should be had with your people who are removing the old kitchen. Who Would that be? Well it could be your kitchen installer if he agrees or somebody else. You need to figure this one out before you start. Some kitchen companies like offer a complete kitchen solutions service to their customers but you would need to speak to us. Getting back to the cost of kitchen removal and floor and wall preparations for the new kitchen install. You would need to put a figure of around €1800 in for labour and materials. This would be a conservative estimate.

Kitchen Removal and Prep of Area €1800

7. Electrical Works

The electrician can be employed and he will look after a lot of things for your new kitchen install. Firstly he will disconnect any old appliances before the old kitchen is removed. It is then that he can first fix for all new electrical appliances that are being installed. He can also discuss with you any new socket points or switches that you might require in your kitchen along with any lighting that you might require in or under cabinetry. These should all be teased out with your electrician and get an approximate cost before he starts. Remember your electrician will be making two visits to your home. The first visit will be at the start of the project when the old kitchen is being removed to disconnect old kitchen appliances and make the cabling safe, and at the same time he can first fix for any new electrics you need before the new kitchen is installed. His second trip will be to second fix all new electrics and to connect up any appliances that may have to be connected and not simply plugged in. Also be sure to use a Registered Electrician. You can find lots of them here on the RECI website also known as the Safe Electric Website. Again get your quotations from 2 or 3 electricians. And remember to get recommendations from previous clients of theirs. This can reduce the stress levels for you and your family. The cost of your electrician (depending on the volume of work and the quality of the materials requested) I am going to put in an estimate of €1400 - this would allow for 2 days labour and about €600 for materials. And remember our costings are only guide lines but they do come from experience. All jobs are different and every customer requires different levels of service.

Electrical Works €1400

8. Plumbing

We always recommend to use registered trades people. But when it comes to Gas it is imperative that you use an RGII registered gas installer. You can find a list of them here on their website, click here. If you are cooking with gas then you need to be certified by you RGII gas installer after the works are completed. This will be the first thing a hob or gas cooker manufacturer will ask for when you ring up for service. So beware, there is no cutting corners on this one. And you make sure that you get your CERT from the plumber before he leaves. An RGII gas installer is licenced to carry out gas hob and gas oven installations as well as gas heating systems. A good RGII certified plumber will tell you if you need certain elements brought up to todays regulations. I know it might seem like more money but I would advise to get whatever needs doing when he is there, you might even have your gas boiler services. In the long term it will save you money. After all you are paying him for his time anyway. The RGII plumber can also look after your water plumbing for the sink, tap, dishwasher and integrated washing machine if necessary. So what will this cost? Well again he will have to make two visits like the Electrician before him and his costs may not be as high but I would budget for somewhere between €500 and €750. This would include your certificate payment at the end of the works.

Plumbing Costs €750.00

9. Tiling

If you are planning to have tiles fitted to your floor space and to the back splash of your kitchen then you need to budget for the following:

  • Floor Tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • Floor Tile Adhesive
  • Wall Tile Adhesive
  • Floor Tile Grout
  • Wall Tile Grouts
  • Tile Trims Floor and Wall
  • Professional Tilers Labour

This can be a difficult one to estimate as all houses are different but I am going to just go with the Tilers labout time and the adhesives, grouts and tile trims. For floor tiles (a standard ceramic tile 450mm x 450mm) a tiler will charge in or around €35 per square yard. A backsplash big or small should be budgeted at €250 to €350. Adhesives for the floor at around €30 a bag. Adhesive for wall tiling about €25 euro per bag. Grouts and trims around €200. So for a standard 3 bed house with a standard kitchen space of around 16 square yards, a backspalsh of about 4 square yards you will need to be budgeting for around €900 for labour and materials will come in somewhere around €400. The tile price will be determined by what you pick. But again you should allow around €750 for floor and wall tiles. So your cost for the tiling of floor and wall (providing there is no preparation invovled) is about €1650. Also you can check out this company for tiles, they run special offers at least once a month. Right Price Tiles and they have several branches all around Ireland.

Floor and wall tiling: €1650

10. Rubbish Removal

Finally you have the rubbish removal. A standard skip these days costs in the region of €350.00. And in General you will need a standard size skip. So there is no need for a big explanation other than to say if the skip is packed properly you will get more into it. So just make sure whoever is filling the skip breaks everything down to small flat parts so that more goes in. More is less in this case. Skip goes in at €350.00

Skip: €350.00

11. Conclusion

So all in all when you add up all the different elements of this kitchen installation including all the extra works and new appliances. This customer is not getting much change out of €16,000 + vat. And remember her kitchen (cabinets etc) only cost her €5,000 + vat. But at least you now know how to budget for your new kitchen. You can start by buying all your pre-assembled kitchen cabinets online from here.

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